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Planning Your Wedding Music

Wedding Music

Your wedding music will set the tone for your entire wedding celebration. Hip-hop and country are very different genres that will create a very different entertainment experience. You should also think about the delivery, and whether you want a live band or a DJ. These tips should help you plan your wedding music.

Things to Consider About Wedding Music

There are some advantages to both, a live band and a DJ. While a DJ will have an expansive library that covers a range of songs and genres, the Live band will have the energy of a live performance. You should also think about the size of the venue and your budget. Some venues have space and sound restrictions to consider. Make sure your venue can accommodate the wedding entertainment you want. There is also the cost of the entertainment to think about. A live band is usually more expensive than hiring a DJ.

Musical Taste

Think about the ambiance of your wedding day. Do you envision a jazz band, a rock band, Latin music or top 40 hits? Do you want a turntable with actual records, a digital experience or a musician? Keep in mind that every musician and DJ will have their own style, which will influence your wedding music. A live band performs their rendition of your favorite songs, while a DJ mixes your tracks together with creative methods on different types of decks. Live bands take breaks between sets. A DJ provides a continuous flow of music. If you have an appreciation for music and live performances, you might prefer the live wedding entertainment. If you want the club-style performance that never stops, a DJ might be the better option.

Wedding Music

Wedding Music for Highlight Moments

You will need to plan wedding music for all the highlight moments. You might have a violinist play during your cocktail hour, a piano during your ceremony and a DJ for the reception. You might choose different types of music and specific songs for each highlight moment. The first dance will require special wedding music, and so will the grand entrance and the cake cutting ceremony. All of your music and announcements should be planned on a wedding timeline with each significant event.

Creating a Playlist of Wedding Music

You will need to create a playlist of wedding music. About two months prior to your wedding day, you should make a list of songs you want to hear, and songs you do not. Your band or DJ will follow your list and choose filler songs that are similar to your selections for any gaps.

Put it All in Writing

Contracts take time and no one likes them, until they need them. It is important to take the time to review your contracts and make sure that specific information is included. Your contract should include all the details, such as the time and location of the performance, the number of musicians or DJs, dress code, the deposit, refund policy, payment schedule, a list of the requested songs and the timeline. If there are additional agreements, make sure they are always written into the contract.

Choosing the Right MC

The Master of Ceremonies, commonly known as a MC, is essential to the wedding celebration. They will make introductions and make sure the celebration follows a timeline. This role is not to be confused with a day of event coordinator. This is your official announcer that creates a transition between wedding music and important events. They will grab the attention of guests and interact with the party over a microphone. Make sure your wedding entertainment includes a MC.

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