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Planning with a Wedding Officiant

Wedding Officiant

The wedding officiant is an important part of the ceremony. The wedding officiant conducts the rituals of the ceremony, creates the experience and makes it all legal. Most couples want to create a unique experience with their special traditions and readings. These tips will help you choose the wedding officiant that will create the experiences you want on your wedding day.

Making it Legal

Not everyone chooses to have a legal marriage, but for those that do choose the legal status, a wedding officiant is required. The wedding officiant will help you through the process of obtaining your marriage license. They will also sign the license and file it with the court to make it legal. If you choose not to have a legal ceremony, the officiant still plays a very important role in your ceremony.

Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony will only be differentiated by the legal status. Choosing a commitment ceremony will not lessen the value of your ceremony or your relationship. Regardless of whether you choose a legal ceremony or a commitment ceremony, your wedding officiant will be the director of your magical moments. When couples plan a commitment ceremony, they usually incorporate meaningful rituals into the ceremony, such as a sand ceremony, unity candle or jumping the broom.

A Wedding Officiant Creates the Moment

Most couples seek ways to make their wedding day unique. Never be afraid to step outside of the box and imagine something different. Imagine how you want your ceremony to be, and create that. A wedding officiant is key to helping you design your ceremony and direct your moments. If you want to create your own vows, a wedding officiant can usually help you with the process. Special rituals can be incorporated into your ceremony, such as a unity candle and a sand ceremony. The officiant will be the coordinator of all your customs and rituals. They will deliver special speeches and pause for readings. They will explain traditions to your guests in attendance and lead you through the rituals of your ceremony. The wedding officiant you choose will make all the difference in how you create your special moments.

wedding officiant

Interview Your Wedding Officiant

It is important to interview your wedding officiant to make sure their personality and ideas fit with yours. Each couple has a unique vision that requires a very unique wedding officiant to make the moments flawless. You should interview a few different officiants to find the one that feels right. Some couples previously eloped and are seeking to create the wedding they never had. Some desire to recreate the magic of their wedding day in a vow renewal. Others want all the magic of a wedding day without the formality of a marriage license. Culture and orientation can affect the way a ceremony is performed. Wedding officiants are people with unique personalities, different levels of experience and different backgrounds that can affect your ceremony.

Crystal Ballroom Charlotte

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