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What You Should Know About Your Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Style is usually the first thing we notice, and one of the most important decisions to make about wedding photography. It is important to realize the difference between shooting styles and editing styles. Before you can plan your wedding photography, you should be aware of the differences.

Shoot and Edit

The shoot and the edit are not the same. You might love the vintage look of a photograph that appears slightly washed out with a focus on blues, greens, reds and yellows. The dramatic effect is all in the post editing style. You can edit images to match the editing style you love, but how the images are captured in the moment is the result of the style of the shoot, which cannot be changed afterwards. Let’s explore shooting styles.

Wedding Photography

Classic Wedding Photography

Classic wedding photography fills your grandparents' old photo albums. Traditional shots create the timeless family portraits with the bride and groom next to their parents, close family and friends. These formal images reflect a true reality of the moment that is usually influenced by creative components. These are intentional and posed images.

Journalistic Style

This documentary style utilizes the wedding day timeline to follow the wedding day and cover it like a news story as it unfolds. Imagine all of the candid moments that will be full of emotion, such as reactions to the bride walking down the aisle, heartfelt speeches and the best man’s toast. Journalistic wedding photography captures those moments with perfect timing and perfect angles to tell the story.

Wedding Photography

Editorial Wedding Photography

Editorial wedding photography is a rare style that captures moments in images that are worthy of a magazine cover. They are creative images that can tell a story with a focus on creating a specific mood or tone.

Dramatic Style

The dramatic style is all about lighting and effects. These darker images feel moody and are packed with emotion. They are visually captivating and set apart by bold shadows, dramatic backgrounds and strong lines. It requires the mastery of off-camera flash and the ability to work with light. The mastery of lighting and shutter speed creates an abstract component. This can sometimes involve exposing for the background by underexposing or overexposing the ambient light, depending on the objective.

Wedding Photography

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Fine art is traditional shooting with a light and airy feel. It visually narrates your wedding story with an artistic approach. It is authentic, but approaches each shot with intention. This is not careless shooting of whatever falls into the viewfinder. Fine art is defined by the clarity and intention of every shot that tells your wedding story. The result is an image with a sophisticated, refined and elegant feeling.

Crystal Ballroom Charlotte

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